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Favourite food: Chicken Parmigiana 


Fav Music: Suicide boys - Gloss of Blood


Favourite skatepark: Beenleigh


Favourite tour location: USA tour


Favourite crew to ride with: unfortunately Jack Churchward because he’s my team mate & best friend


First trick dialed: one footers flat


Favourite trick now: double flair & 540 flair bars


What I do besides ride: I love travelling to places I’ve never been to before.. & I love looking after my English bulldog


Who’d I look up too riding: Big names such like Ryan Williams, Raymond Warner, Brendon smith & Colby ruigrok


Why I started riding: I didn’t have many friends growing up & I remember my mum taking me to the skatepark & I seen heaps of kids riding on scooters.. and from that day I’ve always wanted a scooter.. it helped me with my confidence and focus, and kept me happy


Favourite part of the scooter scene: definitely around the early 2013/4 scene.. so many good memories


Why kids should get into scooters: scooters are a great way to have fun at the skatepark & a great way to cope with, when your having a bad time at school or home.. riding your scooter helps mentally & physically and puts you in many situations where you’ll have to think. Eg (tricks,gaps,rails) etc


Music I ride too: when I ride with my homies I don’t really listen to music, although i listen to every single Suicide Boys when I’m alone at the park


Comps or filming: definitely for me filming.. but I do respect competitions alot, but the feeling you get when battling a trick for hours on end, then landing it is indescribable


Riding philosophy: Just to push myself everyday & film with my closest homies around the world


Explain the biggest street spot: well if you don’t know me well, I hit bigger rails then Will Scott ;) 

But jokes aside, I’m very park & megaramp oriented rider.. so I’m not that good in the streets (not yet) ;)