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Introduction: name, age and hometown: What year did you start riding and how many for Blunt/Envy?
My name’s Sam Bartlem and I'm 20 from Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. I started riding scooters roughly around 2017 properly but have always been cruising around since I was young. I’ve been riding for Envy Scooters since 2021.
What's your riding style? 
My riding style would be more street but still get around the park stuff for sure.
What's your favourite Blunt/Envy product?
I love all the products I've rode but would have to say the Envy Thermal V2 bars.
Who are some of your biggest inspirations? 
Definitely have a lot of people I really look up to in Scootering such as Reece Doezema, Clay Muche-Williams, Jason Cheety, Devin Sydlowski, Reece Jones. I could go on and on so many to name even close friends that I take a lot of inspiration from.
Favourite skatepark or street spot? 
Not my favourite skatepark but the one with the most meaning would be Alexandra Headland because that’s where it all started. I also love cruising around to local spots which never disappoints. My favourite spots i’ve ever ridden i’d have to say is in Europe, in particular Milan, Italy. I don’t know just something about it was surreal, such a beautiful place.
Greatest achievement in Scootering? 
Definitely feel like I've accomplished a lot of stuff I'm extremely stoked on but personally i'd have to say the double rail in Sunny Coast at the top of Alex Hill, still can’t believe I did it after all these years of cruising past the rail like damn imagine doing that one day.