Are you wondering which size scooter wheels best suited to you? In this blog, we’ll be comparing our range of wheels starting with 100mm, 110mm, and then up to our 120mm range to make sure you’re choosing the correct wheels for your scooter.

As a side note, all Blunt & Envy wheels feature Abec 9 bearings as well as an 86 APU. This is the hardest our professional riders prefer.



Comparing scooter wheel sizes

100mm- See our full 100mm range 

If you’re going through wheels frequently, this is our most affordable wheel. 

They’re most popularly known for their lighter weight and slower rolling speed, meaning these are the best wheels for entry level riders. 


110mm- See our full 110mm range

This is the most versatile wheel because it offers speed like the 120mm, but as well, it has a similar weight to the 100mm. It’s a perfect happy medium for those wanting a good all-rounder. 

Some of the pros of the 110mm scooter wheels are that they last longer than 100mm wheels as there is more PU, and they also look great. 


120mm- See our full 120mm range

The 120mm is a little bit larger than the 110mm, meaning they’ll generally last longer than the 110mm wheels as they have more PU. This also creates more clearance and speed and as well, a better overall feel

These wheels are found on our intermediate to advanced complete scooters.


So, all the wheels we’ve touched on so far have had a 24mm wide PU and a 24mm wide core.  We do have some wheels below with differnet PU width and different core sizes.


Jon Reyes - See the full Jon Reyes range

This wheel is a little bit more unique. The 120mm version has a 26mm wide urethane, the core itself is 24mm which means it can standard 24mm Spacers/forks . 

These are Hollow core style and available in two sizes (110mm x 24mm or 120mm x 26mm) these wheels are great at protecting and grinding the core, and the increased amount of urethane gives the rider a little bit more to play with.

Other wheels in our range with 26mm PU are - HERE 


120 x 30mm- See the full Tri Bearing range 

Our largest scooter wheels yet, the 120mm x 30mm feature tread on the urethane and our unique 3 bearing system. Because this wheel here is 30mm wide, you’ll need is a fork that is compatible, but as well, with the correct spacers. All our latest forks in our range are compatible with these wheels (exluding Colt, SOBv3 and Bullet), and include 30mm Spacers. If spacers are not included with your fork and would like to upgrade check them out here.

With the 30mm wide wheel comes stability. There’s more urethane to the ground which will help with carving and as well, general balance. We love them as they’re great for bold cruising, street riding or general skatepark use. 

These wheels are generally recommended for the older or more experienced rider. 


As you can see, Blunt & Envy provides a large range of wheels which come in various colour ways and cool designs. When choosing the right scooter wheels for you, it all comes down to personal preference. Perhaps go down to your local skate park, try your friends’ scooters and see which one suits you best!


Check out loads more patterns and colours from our extensive wheel range